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Software Engineer w/ Active Secret Clearance
Title:Software Engineer w/ Active Secret Clearance
Location:Norfolk, VA
Department:Information Technology
We are looking for a Software Engineer. The work is located at Norfolk VA

Job Details 

Job:Software Engineer
Location:Norfolk VA

3.1. General

In the performance of support services to operate and maintain N1 requirements, contractor employees shall be required to perform tasks and sub-tasks. The following generally identifies the services and support required under the resultant contract:

3.1.1 The contractor shall provide on-site support regarding application development and maintenance of code to include designing, changing, testing and troubleshooting issues as identified by USFF N1 to maintain system compliance and operability. IT support services include, but are not limited to, C# coding in .Net Framework, SQL databases, Telerik Controls, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Javascript, jquery.

3.1.2 The contractor shall provide continuous application development support to the Global Force

Management (GFM) applications including the IA Portal and Compass applications as outlined by USFF N1 Government Technical Point of Contact (TPOC). The contractor shall advise the Government TPOC on current and planned technologies, methodologies, tools, and other best practices offered by Microsoft to enhance the effectiveness of the application.

3.1.3 The contractor shall have applicable and extensive working knowledge of the Navy’s Global Force Management (GFM) process. Acceptable level of knowledge includes: Ability to effectively validate GFM requirements using USFF N1 Compass web application; and confirming GFM Navy sourcing using USFF N1 Individual Augmentation (IA) Portal web application.

3.1.4 Contractor work shall be performed onboard Naval Support Activity (NSA) Hampton Roads in Norfolk, VA in coordination with USFF N1 and upon full access to the system unless specifically authorized otherwise.

3.1.5 Contractor must be a productive multitasker by having the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and be able to effectively prioritize efforts to successfully meet deadlines.

3.1.6 Contractor must demonstrate excellent communication skills such that viewpoints and concepts are presented in a clear and concise manner. The contractor must be responsive in resolving issues and experienced in providing one to one user interaction. The contractor will adapt best practices and techniques pertaining to information sharing and content management.

3.1.7 Contractor must be self-motivating and a cooperative contributing member of the Development Team.

Information provided in this Performance Requirements section is strictly a summary of the applicable functions and should not be construed as all-inclusive. Due to the rapid changes in technology and business dynamics within USFF, the Contractor should be abreast of the latest technologies and trends, and able to adapt or implement to support requirements.

3.2 Deliverables

3.2.1 All project-related technical documentation shall be in accordance with technical guidance provided by the Government TPOC.

3.2.2 The contractor shall provide the following deliverables as specified in individual subtasks within the timeframes listed below to the Government TPOC:

(a) Progress Reports: The contractor shall provide progress reports on problems or issues presented to the contractor for resolution. The contractor shall develop the documentation required to support this effort in the format as requested by the Government TPOC.

(b) Meetings. The contractor shall participate in meetings and briefings as required by Government TPOC.

(c) Monthly Contractor Progress, Status and Management Report. The contractor shall provide monthly status report of the account hours and cases utilized. The contractor shall develop the documentation required to support this effort in the format as requested by the Government TPOC.

(d) Road Map. The contractor shall provide a road map to assist in the remediating activities outlined therein.

3.3 Travel

3.3.1 No travel is anticipated for this requirement. However, should any travel be required at a future date, the appropriate funding and regulation guidance will be promulgated.


4.1 Certification Requirements

4.1.1 All certifications listed below must be deemed current by industry standards at time of contract award and must be maintained in current status by the contractor for the duration of the contract.

(a) CompTIA Security Plus certification (mandatory)

4.2 Applicable Work Experience

4.2.1 Contractor personnel that are assigned to execute tasks under this contract must meet all the applicable experience requirements listed below.

(a) Minimum of 8 years of web development and design experience using the following protocols: JavaScript, VBScript, VBA, CSS, JQuery, HTML, ASP.Net, C#, T-SQL, PowerShell, and other web related technologies.

(b) Minimum of 4 years of experience, with documented proficiency utilizing .Net technologies and applications.

(c) Minimum 5 years of experience, with documented proficiency in the management, configuration and use of the following software suites: SharePoint 2007 or higher, Windows 2008 or higher, Active Directory and networking, IIS 6 or higher and SQL 2008 or higher.

(d) Minimum 2 years of experience, with documented proficiency in the installation, configuration, and management of virtualization technology such as Hyper-V, Virtual Box and VMware.

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